Add Avatar as a Friend

Everybody likes having friends. To offer friendship to another avatar:

1) Press the command (or control) key on the keyboard and click on an avatar with your mouse. A wheel appears over the avatar. Choose “Add…”

2) Choose “As a Friend..”

3) A pop-up message appears. Press the OK button.

4) A pop-up confirmation message appears in the top right of the screen. Press the OK button.

If the other avatar accepts your friendship offer, the name above their avatar will turn green.

Trick of the Week

To attach an object to your hand, double-click its name from within your inventory popup window.

To detach it, double-click its name from the “worn” tab inside inside your inventory pop up window (because you are wearing it).

Categories FAQ

What is “Community Day?”

Community Day is the day (typically Thursday) when all the classes in all the schools officially log into 3D World. And while classes and students can log into the world any day of the week at any time of the day, community days are opportunities for students to communicate and interact with others — which is a crucial component of the program.

On community days students:

  • meet peers from other schools;
  • speak with other students;
  • speak with teachers;
  • chat with students;
  • make friends; and
  • engage with the adult facilitators (who assume the roles of bankers, shop keepers, waiters, ice skating instructors, and so on).

When students log into 3D World on other than community days, they are able to explore and interact with the world (e.g., ride a bicycle, arrange furniture in apartments). However, the cross-school communication will be missing.