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  1. Doing the block party in classroom was a super fun idea. I wish I were local so I could have come!

  2. Next week we will have a block party in our classroom. The student will get a chance to invite a friend and go shopping for the event. We will have games, food and other entertainment.

  3. Another idea (from 176 X) is to have your students create an address book where they keep track of the names, second life addresses, and schools of the people they meet in 3-D. You can have them check off that they’ve added at least 2 new people per week, for example.

  4. This sounds like a great idea. My students participate in community time on Thursday mornings and we are also usually online on Tuesday mornings.

  5. We have a lesson coming up in a few weeks that will be worked on in pairs or small groups. Maybe we could cooperate with another class and pair up students from the two classes to work on this project together? Just thinking out loud here. That way they would have at least one other person that they “knew” from a different class.

  6. I’m having some difficulties getting my students to mingle with students from other schools. This program has cemented some REALLY great friendships in the classroom, but has not yet gotten the students out talking with many other students. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

  7. Yesterday we had a full bus full of students driving around Citywide world. It was exciting. It was hard to find a seat the bus was so full. Corwin Core

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