3D World Enters Another Year

Welcome to our website for 3D World – District 75’s cutting edge program to teach communication and life skills using a virtual, 3D environment.  For the 2014-2015 school year, we are entering our seventh time doing this program, and we think it has gotten better every year.

If you are a teacher or student in the program, this website is designed to provide you with the information and knowledge you need to fully participate each week.  Please use the password provided at the professional development day to access all the resources.

For any visitors and guests, we encourage you to look around the public portions of the website and learn more about the program.


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And the Most Popular Job in CityWide Is….

If you were wondering what the most popular job site in CityWide was, wonder no more. I copied the data from the 3D World Work Report (http://eloisepasteur.net/nydoe/) and pasted it into Excel. Then I removed the duplicates (hello Immanuel Highwater) and deleted work done by teachers. I counted the results by location and the results are as follows:


Congratulations Lynnda’s Grocery store. You are this year’s Most Popular Job Site!