Welcome Back

What better way to welcome everyone back to the new year of 3D World than to show a great group photograph from the 2019 end-of-year picnic? This year it was held in Battery Park, on a sunny, beautiful day! We played soccer and football, tossed the frisbee, ran egg races, popped enormous colorful bubbles, enjoyed plenty of snacks, and had a blast.


And the pièce de résistance? Free, unlimited rides on the Sea Glass Carousel!

Enjoy some photos below

sea glass carousel

Beach balls

Playing Catch

Avatar Buttons

Apartment Design Contest Winners

3D World held a contest for The Best Apartment Design. Students had to purchase and place furniture, groceries, and decorations in their apartments. During Lesson 20, the “Open House – Meet the Neighbors’ lesson (May 9, 2019), we picked a winner for both individual apartment design as well as whole building design.

The winners are:

The Best Apartment Design (individual) winner is Fawlty Tower, apartment 6. Congratulations 233Q teacher Megan Best and student avatar.

Silent Video Walkthrough


The Best Apartment Design (group) winner is Brownstone 2. Congratulations to 176X teacher Laly Baez and student avatars.

Silent Video Walkthrough

Thank you to all the avatars who decorated and designed their apartments with care!

Good Bye, 2nd Avenue

The 3D World city planners decided that 2nd Avenue, over by the West side water, should really be 3rd Avenue. And so what happens to the old 3rd Avenue? That little street is currently being called Dagud Place, but it will be the prize in the apartment design contest to be held in the spring. Whichever school wins the apartment design contest will get to rename Dagud Place to whatever name they want.