Wegmans Field Trip

3D World took a trip to Wegmans Supermarket at the Brooklyn Navy Yard. Students made real-world connections to one of our in-world locations, Lynnda’s grocery. Students and staff were engaged in doing a deep dive into what it is to be a customer at a grocery store as well as job opportunities for the future.  We searched aisle by aisle to get a better understanding of how to shop for the best prices and products for our needs. We discussed and practiced the importance of accuracy when purchasing specific items for a position as a “personal shopper” such as Instacart. Students learned how to use the scale and label printer in the produce section so self-checkout will be a breeze! This was a worthwhile experience for our students, they even got to independently attend the cafe area to purchase lunch from a variety of vendors!

This was the first year we did this, and it was a resounding success.


  • getting misted by the vegetable spray mister
  • weighing produce on the customer scale
  • seeing the live lobster tank
  • big fish on ice!
  • stinky cheese counter
  • salami
  • overhead model train (“Wegmans Express”)
  • snack aisle/cereal aisle/candy aisle!
  • talking to customer service
  • eating lunch in the lounge,
  • and more.

Enjoy some photographs.