Nov 3, Soft Start

Next Thursday November 3, 2022, is the soft start of the 3D World program. If students are ready, then mosey on in, introduce yourselves, and explore the software interface and virtual neighborhood.

Otherwise, we will see you November 10 for the official first lesson on using the Firestorm Browser.

Apartment Contest Design Winners – in the (Virtual) Flesh

The winners (so far) for the 3D World best Apartment Design have been identified. They are

Best 1-Person Apartment Design: Brownstone 5, apartment 2F
Micheal Spiderbird, assisted by Max Spiderbird

Best 2-Person Apartment Design: Brownstone 5, apartment 2R
Saul Spiderbird and Anthony Spiderbird
Thank you, Yan Raykis, 811K, for leading your students to the win!

Apartment Design Contest Winners

The winners of the 3D World Best Apartment Design contest have been announced!

Best 1-person Apartment: Brownstone 5, apartment 2F
Best 2-person Apartment: Brownstone 5, apartment 2R
Best Overall BuildingOverlook Apartments
Best Meditation Space: Fawlty Towers, apartment 1
If you live in one of the winning apartments, let us know to claim your prize!
The prize for winners is naming rights for a street, park, or building in 3D World.
Stayed tuned for photos of the winning apartments!

“You Are Here”

We have added 3D World maps around the land, with big red markers indicating where an avatar is standing. Hopefully, students will find them useful and we will not have any lost sheep!