Learning in Another Dimension: 3D World is back!

3D World is an immersive educational game environment where you’ll collaborate, explore, and learn through interactive virtual lessons. This year you’ll develop real-world skills like critical thinking, creativity, and problem-solving.

To kick things off, Lesson 1 will focus on:

  • Learning 3D World controls and navigation
  • Choosing your own avatar
  • Practicing communication skills

Lesson 1 begins on October 23rd and runs for two weeks until November 3rd. This extended time will allow everyone to get fully set up before diving into more advanced concepts. Click on the Weekly Activities link in the menu above to see more.

Take 1-2 periods per week to review the lesson objectives and materials IRL (In Real Life). Understanding the goals beforehand is key to success in the virtual classroom.

Please reach out to Charles Gerber, Charles Bender, and/or Cara Coffina to let us know when your classes plan to be “in-world”. We want to make sure you feel comfortable in the 3D World platform. Remember, the (3D) World is yours!