Brooklyn Park Renamed

As we stated in a previous post, 176X won the contest for the best apartment design (individual) for their stunning Tipton Apartment #7. According to 176X teacher Jessica Hawk,

“We are excited to finally announce that we’ve come to a unanimous decision in regards to what we would like our prize area and name to be.

We’ve chosen Brooklyn Park and would like to call it “Hawk’s Nest” as a tribute to our family 3D world name.”

So requested, so done.

Be sure to stop by Hawk’s Nest park during the Block Party to enjoy all the rides and attractions!


3D Apartment Contest Winner

3D World held a contest for The Best Apartment Design. Students had to purchase and place furniture, groceries, and decorations in their apartments. During the May 5, 2016 “Open House – Meet the Neighbors’ lesson, we picked a winner for both individual apartment design as well as whole building design.

The results are in:

The Best Apartment Design (individual) winner is Central Plaza Apt #3. Congratulations 176X.



The Best Apartment Design (group) winner is Overlook Apartments. Congratulations to 811K.


For their prizes, contest winners will get to choose special names for parks or rename existing places in 3D World.

Thank you to all the avatars who decorated and designed their apartments with care and feng shui!