New Names in 3D World

When you go to the year-end block party tomorrow, be sure to admire the new names of the parks where the party is being held. And now, the 86th street bridge/overpass has a name, too.

Congratulations again to our 2015 contest winners:

NelsonM Spot – The Best Apartment Design (individual)

811K – The Best Dressed Team

Keisha, Irene, Gina, Essie, and Rashida – The Best Apartment Design (group)

Contest Winner for Best Dressed Team

3D World had a contest to choose the Best Dressed School Team. The rules were that every student in a team must have a customized avatar (no grey striped shirts and jeans/no pink polka dot dresses). The teacher had to take a class photo, a screen shot of the avatars in some scenic location in 3D World. A special guest judge selected to pick the best photograph.

And the winning team is…811K. 

811k Best Dressed

Congratulations to AngelR Kroll, JuanP Oodles, AnesiaP Spot, TseringP Coy, DashawnR Kroll, BrandonS Spot, AkeemMA Ashland, GraceP Oodles, ArnelWS Spot, and ChristeleeT Kroll! You are the Best Dressed Team!

Here is the team IRL (in real life):

811k 3d world

For their prize, the winners will get to name a place in 3D World.

Congratulations to teacher LisaH Highwater and co-teacher Jacqueline Gemino!

Thank you to the other teachers who submitted photographs.

Contest Winners for the Best Apartment Design

trophy3D World held a contest for The Best Apartment Design. Avatars had to purchase and place furniture and posters in their apartment. During “Lesson 20 – Open House…Meet the Neighbors” (April 30, 2015), a special guest judge, who specializes in interior design, joined us in 3D World to visit the apartments.

Some of the things the judges looked at were furniture position, lighting choices, decorations, carpeting, living room furniture, and kitchen organization. Because there were so many contestants, the judges decided to offered prizes to both the single most beautiful apartment, as well as the apartment house or brownstone that had the greatest number of beautiful apartments within.

The results are in:

The Best Apartment Design (individual) winner is Brownstone No. 5, apartment 3R. Congratulations to avatar NelsonM Spot (811Q-QHST) for your design.

See a video walkthrough of his apartment. (The password for video is the same as for the website.)


The Best Apartment Design (group) winner is Brownstone No. 4. Congratulations to avatars IreneC Coy, RashidaA Ashland, KieshelJ Kroll, GinaR Spot, and EssieN Coy (all from 811Q-QHST) for your designs.

See a video walkthrough of that building. (The password for video is the same as for the website.)

For their prize, the winners will get to choose special names for places in 3D World.


Congratulations to teacher XinglongY Hurricane.

Thank you to all the avatars who decorated and designed their apartments with care and feng shui!